The Change Maker

Darren Hardy Interview with Albert Mensah – The Change Maker Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)
Today’s study was to hear an interview where Darren Hardy interviews Albert Mensah. Albert Mensah also knows as “The Change Maker” gives some great insights on Life and Overcoming Obstacles. The excerpts and my understanding and take from the interview are listed below. It helped me immensely as I wrote down the things I fear and analyzed them.

Whenever you hit a Roadblock, See the End Result, see the reward that awaits you after the blood & sweat.

“The opportunities were always there all the time, they were cloaked with obstacles”

ACT on the Opportunity. Let go of your fears, prejudices. See it as an opportunity, not obstacles.

On Taking Action: Keep on taking ACTION – It becomes a habit of taking ACTION! Make Commitment to Commitment! Action begets Action. Main thing in life is ACTION ACTION ACTION

On FEAR – How to Tackle your Fear Write down all your fears – Now Analyze them. Use I – Irrational R – Rational IR – Little bit of both People cling to their Fears as it feels comfortable. WHEN A FEAR HITS Acknowledge what you are afraid of & accept the feeling Educate yourself – Based on Facts classify it as Rational or Irrational Expose to fear in small ways – Visualization. Anticipate positive results Quit Scaring yourself. Think GOOD thoughts. STOP WORRYING – Average person spends around 20 hours/week worrying. If you worry it become a habit.

  • There should be Lifelong learning
  • Enhance your Critical Skill
  • As you get older your thinking gets rigid
  • Build new skills – Expand your opportunities
  • Sharpen People and Communication Skills
  • Spot opportunities
  • Recognize change
  • Be Flexible


  • You have the power!
  • If you want to live your dream – WAKE UP!
  • Worst fears never happen & that is what controls you.
  • Build your confidence by facing your problems

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