Darren Hardy Interviews Dr. Mehmet Oz

Today’s study on Health & Wellness in an interview by Darren Hardy with Dr. Oz. gave some wonderful insights on how simple things practiced with discipline can yield great results.

Darren Hardy Interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)

Dr. Oz was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world.

Top 3 Health Practice Suggestions for Achievers, busy and stressed people

  1. Walking – Hard paced walk. Find ways to incorporate in your daily routine and get your steps every day.
  2. Food – Eat the foods coming out of the ground looking the way they are
  3. Game plan for handling stress in your life – Deep mindful belly breathing to cope with stress

What should your waist size be? A simple formula

Waist size should be less than half your height.

For e.g. a person who is 6Feet 2inches i.e. 74 inches, the waist size should not be more than 37 inches.


Best investment for any of us in our Body.


Few tips on Managing Money

As per Dr. Oz. 10% of what he makes he puts it aside as if not earned into a “Peace of Mind Account”. This is for anytime use when adversity may arise.


How Mental Attitude affects Health

People get caught up in their own mind, involved in thinking of past and future. They never live in the present. Which is a PRESENT. Present is a Gift to you.

As per Dr. Oz everyone should practice “Energy Management” not Time Management. Your life should be driven by Love. Throughout the day keep on checking your Energy. See what gives you energy and see what takes away energy.

People involved in charitable giving have a longer life expectancy.


How does Dr. Oz. go through his day with all his commitments

  1. Game Plan for every day
  2. Very disciplined
  3. Build teams, create relationships where people around you are happy.
  4. Re-Invent your relationships every Seven Years.


On Time Management

Do the most important things first and get them out of the way. Rest of the day can be used to be responsive to others needs

Never Compromise on Sleep – When you don’t sleep well you lose the growth hormone.