Don Yager Interviews Bobby Bowden

I found this short interview really good as it gives insight on Great Goal setting, the process of which can be used by many small to large businesses. A 4 day retreat where only goal setting for a year is discussed. All is put on the table and a book is created with yearly goals. Goals are set at the highest standards, for which miracles may need to happen. But shoot for the best and during the year the goals are evaluated and worked upon.

Don Yager Interviews Bobby Bowden (When he was the head coach of Florida State University)

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)

Don Yager is a contributing editor of Success Magazine.

Goal setting process of Bobby Bowden

The goals are set yearly. The staff meets before football season and call it a hideaway session. They take 4 days and go to a place where people cannot get to them including via phone.

Over here they discuss goals for the year. Everyone’s responsibility, duties especially towards the university and students, and all other goals are discussed.

A book is kept on Goals for the year. They list the topics to be discussed upon and bring in doctors, officials, administrators, academic people, athletic director, spiritual director and so on.

Goal is to win every ball game, not just a few. This is a very high goals which may not be achievable, miracles may need to happen these levels of goals but they shoot for the best.

During the hideaway, they bring in penalties of prior year and discuss how to improve upon them, look at all the deficiencies from prior year and discuss them with officials and make sure they are improved upon. Aim is for perfection. All the goals are separated for offense and defense too.

Accountability – Look at every single game and see what is working and what is not.

Defense and Offence will have their goals posted on the wall. Also the leading tackler or passing receiver would have their picture up on the wall giving incentive to others to do better and get their picture up.


How does Bobby keep himself motivated – Gives the credit to GOD! All the energy, enthusiasm is there. To stay in the fight, the need to win keep him motivated. Also he is not tired of recruiting which becomes a problem for many coaches.

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