Darren Hardy Interviews Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and one of the nation’s leading health and wellness experts.

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)


Jillian is a big believer in divine intervention. Stay open, be authentic and the universe will bring what you want. When one door closes another opens. You got to stay open, you have to move into that unknown space to find the infinity of possibilities and confront your fears.


The security blanket sometimes needs to be ripped so you can find yourself in the free fall of life. This is the best way to face your fears and grow.


Advice for people struggling to lose weight

Identify the problem – self destructive behaviors. Find when and what happens and what goes on underneath the surface e.g. feeling anxious, loneliness etc. when you long for food.

Master your Metabolism and Hormones

  • Your metabolism is dynamic not static. It is your bio-chemistry. Metabolism is hormone balance. Your hormone bio-chemistry controls not only weight loss but aging too.
  • You should not eat six to seven meals as suggested by some diets, it brings constant rise in blood sugar.
  • Eat every Four hours to balance caloric intake and food.


How to get through business day successfully. For people who are on chair most of the day

  • Make it a priority. Get your fitness, your doctor appointments on your schedule. While exercising make every minute count at the Gym.
  • Re-arrange your schedule and finances and invest in classes, yoga etc.


How do you get people to stay motivated?

  • People need to identify what is it they want and why they are struggling. E.g. being on a treadmill, eating broccoli etc. Think and identify things you want for the greater goals.
  • Write down what health means to you, not just the goal of “I want to be healthy” – write down and then setup your agenda.
  • Get educated and become capable and make powerful choices. Education and inspiration.


One thing you can do today to take the first step

  • Make your life list – all reasons why it is worth for you. Weight loss is simple, calories in calories out and eat real food.
  • Every day see if your choices are taking you closer or further away from your goal.
  • When you keep positive outlook you attract positive things. Immerse yourself with information and people who can help you.



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