Living Rich by Tim Richardson

Living Rich by Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson, a 25 year veteran of professional speaking and creator of the new IM RICH series, helps his clients discover and attain “Real Richness.” He provides concrete strategies to show members of your organization how to experience greater wealth and Richness by incorporating Rich Sales, Rich Service, Rich Relationships, and Rich Thinking into your culture…

Learning Lessons from the Audio (as interpreted & understood by me)


It is not about what you get, it is about what you give.


You are rich if you have a roof over your head, if you have clothes on your back, if you are healthy, are able to read what you want, have freedom of speech. So many across the world do not have these.

It takes vision to create change – First you see it appear and then it happens.

There is Power in Three’s – Ask each of the people who you need to help to email or contact three people they know for help. This is how a massive effort was organized to clean up New Orleans after the Katrina devastation.


How can I help? What I can do?

Take adversity and think, how can I spin this into opportunity.


Little things make difference in others people’s lives. Pursue passion in everything you do.


Find out what is truly important in your life


How can you use what you know to make a difference! One person makes a huge difference – it could be you. Find your place to plug-in. Mother Teresa said find your Calcutta. Where is your Calcutta?

Make it part of who you are. It creates so much energy and wealth for you.


You need a mission that can change your life

  1. Reject Status-co
  2. Reject conventional thinking
  3. Challenge yourself – Use what you already know to start making a difference
  4. Get Involved – Give yourself


LET GO – Letting go could move you forward


Living Rich is about one thing – GIVE

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