Managing Energy

Darren Hardy on Managing Energy

(Heard on Audio and interpreted by me)

Darren Hardy on  Managing Energy

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Everyone has same time 24/7 – It is up to you to make time count and spend time wisely



  • 7-8 hours of sleep is needed to function optimally – Sleep is more important than food
  • Naps during the day are good, Nap during afternoon increases memory and has been practiced and is being practiced in other parts of the world


  • Maintain consistent blood sugar levels
  • Eat every 3 hours so
  • Eating breakfast is important
  • Water – 64-72 oz. per day


  • 5-6 days a week
  • Do something you enjoy


Work Rest Ratio – More work more Compensation i.e. more rest is needed

Limit your Input, save your mind from distractions

Quiet the mind – at least 30 minutes a day

Go on Vacation – At least twice a year

  1. Reframe it – Rejuvenation Time
  2. Schedule it – Get completely off the grid
  3. Declare it – Lead by example and Communicate schedule
  4. Measure it
  • Keep Score
  • How many times meditate
  • How much time off
  • Movies
  • Naps
  • don’t get back sucked in

Things to Aim For:

  1. At least one 2-weekl vacation
  2. 3-day getaway each quarter
  3. Every Saturday
  4. 1-2 hours each day to workout & sit quietly
  5. 2 hours with family – dinner


  • Make YOU #1 – Be Selfish
  • Take care of yourself first


  • Feeling meaning & significance
  • Living in Alignment – When what you do on the outside aligns with your values on the inside
  • Simplify and go lean
  • Get rid of excess
  • Become a minimalist


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