Power of Effective Decision Making

Power of Effective Decision Making

As heard on CD & interpreted by me from RPM planner from Tony Robbins

Power of Effective Decision Making


All decisions should be put on Paper


  • State your Purpose
  • Clear about what you want

Decisions are made based on Probability

All decision making is Value Clarification

Problem Solver 4 Steps

Get Resourceful

  • Decide you’re going to solve this
  • Get perspective from others who have successfully dealt with such problem before
  • Remember a tough time in your life when you pulled yourself through
  • Believe that you’re guided as long as you’re doing something for the greater good, & that if you’re committed, there is always a way

Define Current Situation

  • define as factually as possible without your “Story”
  • Do not call it a problem, call it a situation

Get Clear Vision for What you really want

  • Write down exactly how you want this situation to turn out

List of Resources Available & any constraints or limitations you may have

  • Who do you know that can help
  • Physical resources – e.g. Money, time, etc.
  • Information available that you are not maximizing
  • Real Constraints

6 Steps to Effective Decision Making OOC/EMR





  • One Option is No Choice
  • Two Options is a dilemma
  • Three Options is a Choice


  • Upsides & Downsides of each option
  • What could you gain or what would it cost you?


  • What outcomes are affected?
  • How important is each upside/downside in terms of meeting your outcomes (Scale 0-10)
  • What is the probability that the upside/downside will occur (0-100%)
  • What is the emotional benefit or consequence if this option were to actually happen?


  • Review the downside consequences from each of your remaining options. Brainstorm alternative ways to eliminate or reduce downside.


  • Select the Best Option & strengthen your resolve to make it work
  • Resolve that no matter what happens, this option will give you a win
  • Design your plan for implementation & then take massive action. Develop a plan for its attainment


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