Use Public Speaking to Promote any product of service-Sherrin Ingram

Use Public Speaking to Promote any product of service – The right way

Sherrin Ross Ingram

These are the notes I took from a webinar by Sherrin Ross Ingram. I am so impressed by her work and teaching that I joined her course and learned in depth secrets about the success of public speaking. I would recommend anyone who is feeling challenged and needs or wants to have success in public speaking to join her courses. This is my interpretation of the webinar.

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Sherrin - Use Public Speaking

Why is Incorporating Public Speaking into your Marketing so Important

  • Do more with what you have
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • You were “Hand Selected”
    • You have 3rd Party endorsement of your expert status
  • The audience wants to Hear what you have to say

Why Must you learn to Effectively Promote & Sell in Public Speaking

  • More Sales/High Quality Clients
  • Fast, High Quality Growth
  • More Choices = More Freedom

Why so many do not succeed in public speaking

#1 Wrong Mindset

  • Feels making a direct pitch is “dirty” or unethical
  • Has a fragile or wounded ego involved
  • Doesn’t truly believe in the value of investing in development & growth
  • Believes serving & selling is an either/or proposition

#2 Don’t Have a Speech Crafted to sell without being “Salesy”

  • This is recipe for a poor to NO ROI or ROE

#3 Don’t fully leverage the speaking opportunities they have

  • Most speakers have no EFFECTIVE strategy for connecting with audience


7 Step Process to Master the Art of Public Speaking

Step 1 – Master the “Speak to Serve & Sell” Mindset

  • If you sincerely believe that your product or service absolutely improves the quality of life of those you serve then it is your duty to help people get out to their own way so they can invest in your product or service and reap its many benefits


Step 2 – Develop a Topic, Title and Message that sells

  • You have a unique solution (or unique spin on a common solution) to a problem that they would pay just about anything to solve, and
  • Demonstrate how your solutions get them what they really want


Step 3 – Develop Materials & Tools to Promote the Speech

These are basic tools you need to get in front of the right audience:

  1. One Sheet summary
  2. Credible online presence: web site

To get better gigs, you’ll need “Proof of Performance”

  1. Video Clips
  2. Testimonials
  3. Full Brochure
  4. Persuasive online presence: web sites(s), social media etc. – Have multiple web sites to help in search



The #1 Tool to establish your Expert Status quickly & get better speaking gigs is a BOOK, preferably a book directly on the topic you’re speaking on. This gives you the credibility. The book does not have to be perfect, get it done inexpensively.


Step 4 – Craft a Speech That Serves and Sells Without being “Salesy”

  • A speech serves and sells and doesn’t wait until the end of the speech to make the pitch
  • A PITCH does not Equate Offer
  • A speech that serves and sells strategically weaves in the pitch throughout the speech


Step 5 – Find/Attract the Right Speaking Opportunities for you

  • You want to be in front of audiences made up of your target market and those who influence your target market.
  • The $$$ Question:
    • Where are they?
      • Get your speaker marketing materials ready & in place
      • Approach the leader/committee chair/meeting planner
      • Strategically stay top of mind
      • While you’re doing the above, speak wherever you can


Step 6 – Fully leverage the speaking opportunities you have

  • No matter how good you are or how well-crafted your “speak to serve and sell” speech is, not everyone is going to buy IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR SPEECH
  • The $$$ Questions
    • What is your strategy for getting attendees on your “list”?
    • What is your follow up strategy?
    • How will you stay top of mind in the years to come?


Step 7 – Invest in Your Development to Improve Results

  • No matter where you’re at right now
  • If the idea of selling makes you uncomfortable then you need to develop yourself, take courses to overcome your ideas


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