There is one common trait between a certain crab and human beingsā€¦ they cannot see someone climb the ladder of success.

What is so astonishing about the crabs is that, when the crab trap is lowered with crab feed, the crabs clamor to get into the basket and eat the crab feed, understand there is no cover on the crab trap. After the crabs have gone in the basket and the crab feed is finished if one crab tries to climb out of the basket the rest of the crabs pull the crab down, to the extent where they even break his claws and kill him. Later the crab basket is taken from the bottom of the ocean and all these crabs become a crab feast.

Similar trait is in human beings where, when they see anyone climbing the ladder of success or try to accomplish something better, they try to pull the person down and break your spirit. Not physically but by making remarks, putting negative connotations in their minds. Try to influence them in the manner they see fit. Believe me many times they are the people closest to you, who care about you but cannot comprehend or even understand where you want to go. Be very careful as when you are on the ladder of growth and the momentum is going for you this can be very detrimental and literally de-rail your efforts.

Believe in yourself, believe in your mission and keep on going with full conviction.

By Raj Kapur


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