Give your Thanks

Thanksgiving is over. So after big Thanksgiving celebrations, the time to the start of our holidays is here. In this celebratory time do not forget those who have added value in your life.
For my friends outside United States, as the year come to an end you can give thanks to those who have added value in your life. You know it does not have to be a Thanksgiving day to thank someone.
See we cannot ever succeed alone, others have helped us, sacrificed for us. You know where we are today is not just by chance, there are others who helped you get here, and believe me you are where you need to be, given all the circumstances.
At this time think of your past, think of people who mentored you, who helped you grow. Were there any who carried you on their shoulders.
Now write down names of three people who have added value in your life and then make it a point to thank them for this Thanksgiving. It could be a phone call, an email, a Text, a letter or any other way to communicate to tell them how thankful you are for their contribution in your life. Believe me they will so much appreciate it.

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