Challenge to Succeed – Shaping your Attitude

Jim Rohn – The Challenge to Succeed – CD2 Shaping your Attitude

Learning Lessons from the Audio CD (as interpreted & understood by me)

A few simple things practiced everyday will change your life

You need the truth – It will liberate you

Jim Rohn on how your Philosophy is influenced and shaped:

READ ALL THE BOOKS – Create your library of Success – it should be library of a serious student!

KEEP JOURNALS – Don’t trust your memory. Jot it all down


Some good books

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason


Walk away from the 97% – Join the 3% who are successful. Be a part of the FEW!  Take charge of your own life, Your own day:

You should have:

  1. Viewing Library
  2. Listening Library
  3. Reading Library


Formal Education gets you a Job! Self Education gets you Rich!

Formal Education gets makes you a Living! Self Education makes you a FORTUNE!


Miracle of Mind – Never begrudge the money your spend on yourself to improve your mind.




It is how we Feel. Life does not start with Inspiration – Life change starts with Education!

Attitude – “It costs too much” reality “You can’t afford it” – It is not “IT” but “YOU”

  1. It is how you feel about the Past – Treat it like a school – Don’t let it beat you, reach into your past for EXPERIENCE!
  2. How you feel about the Future – It is called a “Promise”. For every promise
  3. There is a price to pay. If the Promise is Clear the price is Easy. If you don’t see the future clearly you won’t pay the price. Challenge is to have a well-designed future.
  4. How you feel about Everybody – You can’t succeed by yourself. “We all need Each Other”.
  5. It is how you feel about Yourself – Understanding your self-worth is the challenge. Consider yourself valuable & give your contribution to all and then draw from it.

What shapes our Attitude

  1. Education – Emotions must go to school – they should serve you not embarrass you.
  2. Attitude is greatly shaped by influences and associations – Never mistake the power of influence – It is powerful and suttle.

Three Questions to ask yourself

  1. Who am I around?
  2. What are they doing to me?
  3. Is that Ok?

It may be Ok but check as after every few years you may be off course.

After Evaluation – If needed:

Disassociate – Walk away. Just say NO. Put some distance between yourself & the wrong influence

Limited Association – Refine your study

Expanded Association – Find more people who you need to associate with and expand those associations.




We are affected by what we do – It is the labor part

“New Life only comes through Labor”

Wisdom uninvested in labor is wasted

Faith uninvested in labor is wasted

Put a good idea in labor

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