10 x Your Life

Darren Hardy Interviews Grant Cardone

An inspiring interview to take your life up by 10x.

Grant Cardone is an International business and sales expert. He is author of four business books and has trained at Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs.

You can visit his website at www.grantcardone.com

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me) .


What is number one thing that stops people from reaching the finish line?

One thing that stops people is “Just Enough Works”, this idea has been sold to people. Something more is a bad thing. Middle class is operating under the idea of “Just Enough”.


10X Rule assumes that your goals and targets are not yours. 10X rule suggests your goals are too small. E.g. if you goals is to make 10 million dollars, multiply that goal by 10X and aim for $100 million. You will fall short on both, but falling short on large goal would be good.


Use the 10X in every field of your life. 10X more customers, 10X more savings etc. This gives people more excitement.


Four Degrees of Action

Everyone does one of the following:

  1. No Action
  2. Retreat
  3. Average Levels
  4. Massive Levels of Action


  1. No Action – They don’t take any action
  2. Retreating from an activity is like getting hurt in stock market and retreating from it
  3. Average – Most Dangerous – America is built on this now. Tremendous loss at this level. Middle class is generally operating at this level. Average thinking, Average results and Average ideas.
  4. Massive Levels of action – If you look at top 50 people all suffer from Massive Action. Either money or energy they put it all. They break the rules, be obsessed and provide massive amounts of action.

How much effort to put in each situation – It takes same amount of energy to make 10 thousand as it does to make 10 million dollars.

To do nothing it takes energy, e.g. if you need to go and exercise and decide not to then you have retreated and that decision takes up energy.

It takes more energy to make 10 thousand dollars than to come up with a plan to make 10 million dollars. It takes a different thought process, a different follow through and probably a different set of friends and a different set of surroundings.


Get a Little Crazy – Re-Educate yourself, listen to CD’s, read empowered magazines and books. Don’t think – make decisions, take action. Add crazy and obsessed with your decisions. Don’t Slow Down! Break rules, take risk, if you think you need to make 20 calls, make 200 calls. Multiply it by 10.

Let people criticize you or hate you for doing this.


One thing we should do daily is to write down your goals every day. Grant writes his goals twice every day. Whenever if he gets rejection or failure he writes his goals down.


Marketplace is brutal, not for lovers. To economy it does not matter what you are, your color your religion, your creed. It has no loyalty.

Make your list every single day

To make success stories of 10X mentality get in front of guys who are expanding and growing. Blow the sales out, 10X your activity.

Take Action – Sit down and write your goals and multiply by 10, i.e. x 10.

10X everything.

Then make a list of people who will support in going crazy with you. Get labeled and find 3-5 people to support you.

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