Networking is Crucial for Success

Darren Hardy Interviews Diane Darling

Diane Darling is the author of “The Networking Survival Guide”. She knows the value of relationships and how to build them. Diane speaks and trains thousands each year. Visit her at

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)



Why networking is crucial for an entrepreneur -It is impossible for one to do everything themselves. Find out who can help you, tap into their skills and talents. Money, Time and People problem is solved by networking.


First people need to know what networking is and is not:

  1. Building relationships before you need them
  2. Transference of Trust

Number one mistake people make while networking – Not understanding networking and not believing they can do networking.

Everyone can network. You need to find your own style.


Diane loves being a keynote speaker to do networking. Being on stage you can network with lots of people at one time.


Personal Brand – What do people think about you! What do people say about you!

You need to establish your own Personal Brand. Both for your personal and business. What we do in our personal life effects our business brand too.


Diane gets Google alerts daily stating what she is doing in business and how is she being reflected on the internet.


She states to go to and ask opinion about yourself from 30 to 40 people. Make it anonymous and you can find things about yourself that you may need to change.


Create a network map – Map out who have been instrumental in your success.


Entrepreneurs should create a FAN PAGE on Facebook. Setup a FAN CLUB. Be in touch with press, put names of magazines and journalists who can help you be in the press.



  • Strategic Category – Know who you want to meet. Planned event.
  • Serendipity Category – When opportunity presents be prepared for it.


The more you let other help you the greater your success.


Be sure to let people know what you need. Articulate, what you need, how you need it.


How to manage network better:

  • Have a great database – Create a QUALITY network not a Quantity network.
  • Add in the “Where met”, date of meeting “Anniversary” & follow up with them on that.
  • Take good care of network you have.

Create a Notebook of RANDOM Calls


How has social media changed the landscape of networking:

It is very important to participate in today’s social media. Get your name on all the social sites if possible. You don’t need to do all at one time.


Use Linked In as a business research tool. Twitter can be used for the same.


CPR Follow up System

  • C – Contact – Contact the person known
  • P – Prospect
  • R – Research – Don’t know them but could be of value



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