Contribute Value before you Sell

Darren Hardy Interviews Frank Kern.

Frank Kern is a successful internet marketer from the US and is considered by many to be one of the top “guru’s” in the internet marketing space today. One of his launches made history as the company made $18.3 million in 24 hours in sales. His techniques are amazing. You can reach him at

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me).

 I have gone through Frank’s material and results are amazing.


After running a few businesses into ground, Frank was still persistent. He became a student of Internet Marketing. His launch made one company $18.3 million in 24 hours in sales. This was the biggest launch in the history of Internet marketing.

He created Mass Control and Mass Control 2 program and did around $14 million in two years.

His formula is to give the Results In Advance – e.g. Four Milestones

  1. Find a Market
  2. Find what the Market wants
  3. Create a product to serve the market
  4. Create a website to sell the product

Do a FREE release – If you give some results in advance of making a sale you get to the prospect. As you have helped the prospect you now have a customer as you have delivered some results in advance.




What should work for the Brick & Mortar stores via internet?

They should use Internet as Yellow Pages on steroids.

Build your website tailored to your customer who can get information and call you right away. Don’t make it too fancy with personal stuff.  Make sure it is Optimized for Mobile devices.


BOND METHOD – Person to person effect. It is a series of steps in Mass Control Formula. You are positioned as a friend not as a pushy salesman.


  1. Interest and desire
  2. Bonding
  3. Sampling and demonstration
  4. Order

Bonding is the most important step


Remember we always like to do business with our friends whom we trust.


INTERNET – Usage of email marketing with permission based access.


Most people get 80% of emails which are fun stuff and from friends, 15% work related emails and rest spam.

Both Fun emails and friend emails have a certain tone and so does the work email.

We are psychologically predisposed to and conditioned to respond better and more favorably in friend category of communication.

You should not send your message as work tone, you should send emails as if you are sending to your good friend.


This is not a professional way to type emails but these emails feel personal and have created a 10X result. This is like writing from friend’s zone. At the end sign the email from an individual i.e. you, not as a customer service or a team. This way they can relate to a person.


BOOMERANG TECHNIQUE – You throw out in the marketplace a lot of goodwill and it will boomerang back to you in the form of new found sales and profits.


E.g. Release in a Four Step Process release a FREE video that will walk someone through the first stepping stone – don’t sell them anything yet.

After a couple of days send another email with Second stepping stone video.

After another couple of days send the third stepping stone video.

Next sequence is to wait a few days and send 4th Video with Email. It can be a video or written email. Video generally works the best.


Here thank your client and let them know the kind words that you have received as a feedback and let them know you have created a product on which you would like their feedback.  Start by saying “I know you will do the same thing for me”.


You can tell them you will send them the product for only the cost of Shipping and Handling. If they like the product they can keep it and you will charge them the discounted cost of the product. If they do not like the product, tell them you only value your opinion and they can keep the product and will never be billed.


The email with this video should say –

SUBJECT – Important, I need your help

BODY – I can really use your advice by you watching this video.


Now you have given them free videos or audios so they now they have a desire to help you.

They will take you on your offer. Don’t complicate things leave them easy.

After you can boomerang promotion your value goes up in the market.


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