Focus & Communication is essential for Success

Darren Hardy Interviews Nido Qubein

Nido Qubein is a businessman, motivational speaker, and President of High Point University. He is chairman of Great Harvest Bread Company. He serves on the Executive Committee and board of Fortune 500 companies. He is a professional speaker who encourages businesses and organizations throughout the world on how to improve their vision and achieve success. You can reach him at

When you are hungry you make things happen. You cannot look back

Nido had faithful courage and believed that if he worked hard he would succeed.

You can have an entrepreneurial spirit or worker mentality. With entrepreneurial mentality you can do anything.


What makes the traits of a success entrepreneur?

Determination, commitment, tenacity, desire to take calculated risks. Risk avoidance is for failures. If you eliminate risk you will eliminate opportunity.


To make and sustain success you need:

  • Clear Vision
  • Solid Strategy
  • Practical Systems – things they can deliver on consistent execution



Top Strategies to Improve Focus –

If you are not focused you are in serious trouble. If you know where you are headed you will have focus. Surround yourself with people who know where they are headed. Clarity of value, clarity of direction seem to have sense of focus.


Priorities – If you know what your resources are you can focus.

Focus is about Energy Management not Time Management for Nido. To him focus is more important than intelligence.


Entrepreneurs who fear failure – There are Productive failures and unproductive success.

Failure at something is good. It is foolish when we don’t learn from it or do it over again.


If you try enough things you will fail at some things. It is how it effects you.


Strength in Brand Building

Brand Insistence – Create the brand that delivers value that is sustainable and evident. Every day do something that increases the brand.

Even if brand is famous you need to sustain it e.g. Coca Cola has the best brand in the world but it still advertises.

Protect your own brand with delivery of serving new products and elements.

Don’t think outside the box – Throw the box out of the Window


Create an inquiry and create action which creates commitment.


Find enough people to connect with your brand. Communicate with them, connect with them. Do 3 or 4 things every day to connect with your customers. Don’t take customers for granted.


Ability to Communicate Effectively


S – Speaking – Know how to speak not talk. Every word, sentence should be weighed.

L – Listen – Hearing is not enough. Listen

O – Observing – Not just see but observe – develop the skills to observe

W – Writing – Edit mercilessly – speak in fewer words but have greatest impact on reader.



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