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Darren Hardy interviews Jeffrey Gitomer


Jeffrey Gitomer is a creative, on-the-edge writer and speaker whose expertise on sales, customer loyalty and personal development is world renown. He is the author of the New York Times Best sellers – The Sales Bible, The little red book of selling, The little black book of connections and many more.

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The information presented here is as heard and understood by me

Prospecting is a waste of time. You need to milk your own cows – go and prospect your own customers instead of cold-calling. Build relationships and earn referrals.

Most salespeople don’t understand the value of their existing clients.

Have coffee with customers every day for 30 minutes in the morning, could be via phone, skype etc., and talk to them about everything except what they want to buy. Next, talk about something adding value to the customer. It is about how the customer can win, have high morale etc., so invest your time in your client and not spend your time with the client. Build relationships.

Instead of Cold-calling add value to your customers. If you are so busy that you don’t have time, then delegate what you are not best at, buy yourself time to be with your top customers. There has to be a solid reason for a person to meet you for the coffee.


How to go through the gatekeeper?

If you have to go through the gatekeeper to get appointment with the prospect, you need to setup appointment with the gatekeeper instead of passing them by. Have coffee with them and ask them about the company. They are generally flattered and give you the needed appointment as they run day to day operation of the company. It is a great idea to learn about the company from them. Do a pre call with the gatekeeper and be little friendly with them. Separate yourself from others by friendliness.


So many people don’t use Social Media, blogs etc. to be more powerful. This is most powerful than any other exposure.


Have “” registered. This way you can start to build your brand. Resumes are now a thing of the past. People now Google you to search you and find your history. If your name is taken then formulate and get your “”, use innovative ideas to get the name. E.g. “” etc.


Seeking the referrals – how to reward the current customers to get referrals.

The question is how does the customer see you?

What do you do to ear the referral – Aggressive salesperson pushes their way to sales. Assertive salesperson asks their way to sales. Both have same end in mind.

Aggressive salesperson is behind the sale and Assertive salesperson is behind the customer.


To earn referral you need to give referral.


Jeffery’s new book is 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of selling where he states:


  1. Be Perceived as different – You have to do things that people are willing to take notice of and remember. Average person has dorky business card. Jeffery’s card is a coin, which no one throws away. In a seminar he wears a work shirt instead of suit and tie, he separates himself from the pack, looking different and relaxed.
  2. Use the humor – At the end of laughter comes the big thing. It is not based on joke but humor. It is to find the common ground, keep conversation light and keep conversation going.

Sometimes just leave half a message and cut off in the middle, this way you will get a call back – it may not sound professional but it is fun and woks.

Everything that Jeffrey does involves risk. Differentiate yourself from others.

Most important thing is preparation.


Constant and Never Ending Development

Gain Self Discipline – Read at least ½ hour per day and try to write. Go to seminars and then give seminars. Jeffrey is very devoted person to his skillset.


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