Darren Hardy Interviews Guy Finley

Darren Hardy Interviews Guy Finley

Guy Finely is the author of many books including “The Secret of Letting Go” and “Essential Laws of Fearless Living”. You can view his website at http://www.guyfinley.org

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)

We shouldn’t attempt to get rid of our lives of fear, rather we should choose fear as advantage and face it with all the strength we can muster.


Courage – Our willingness to face fear directly. Why we fear, is when we feel a situation or circumstance is bigger than us.

There is no circumstance bigger than our ability for us to grow into that human being.


As children we are courageous, we venture into anything. Later we change. It is the social conditioning that tells us how people think about us and approve of us, this limits us.


Self-limiting thoughts and how to get over them – The three most powerful words which can change your self-limiting thoughts are “I CAN LEARN


Fear is the only thing holding us back from the wall of success.


There is no psychological fear without negative imagination. We create a picture produced by our own mind which makes us not take action. Fear overwhelms us.


There are two kinds of fear:

  1. Instinctual fear – This is actual fear which helps us from getting into trouble e.g. going into the forest of hungry bears.
  2. Psychological fear – Has no right to have a place in our lives. We should do what is in our power to change things and drop other negative states on which we don’t have power. Creative energies are no longer being used in this useless resistance.


What is fear afraid of: How to overcome it.

Fear is the possibility killer – When we feel the fear think “Is this fear, negative state serving my best interests or is it stealing from me in this moment.”


How to maintain a positive outlook

Dismiss the problem from onset

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Every moment of our life is a teacher. Continual growth of our character in every moment.


Can Courage be a Bad thing? – NO. The courage is to walk through and into the moment you feel is over and above you.


Life is not a race to win but a school for our higher education.


In the face of any fear………….



CLIMB – Rise above ourselves

CONSERVE – Let fear not tell us what to do

CONFESS – In the moment instead of proving yourself, discover yourself

This will bring you in an order of consciousness where fear cannot dominate.



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