Anthony Robbins Interviews Frank Kern

Anthony Robbins Interviews Frank Kern in Money Masters Video

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)

FRANK KERN is a renowned internet marketer and online entrepreneur. He now consults with entrepreneurs on growing their revenue online with his innovative strategies. He is one of the best Internet marketers currently.

One company made over 18 million dollars in 24 hours using Frank’s techniques.


Add more value for your clients


Frank started in 1999, he had invested and lost a lot of businesses. He listened to Tony Robbins Personal Power series and for Internet he invested in Cory Rudl’s Internet Marketing course. He applied the techniques learned from there.

He had a manual created on “how to make your parrot talk”, used to hire a writer. Created an advertisement and placed in front of people via internet and made internet success. He then did a manual for dog training, made it a success and then sold it for major profits.


THINKING – People have gone to the moon, I can write a couple of e-books. Wanted to have a lot of money and found way to achieve it.

ADVANTAGES OF INTERNET – Can reach people in all parts of world with ease. Through Internet you can find people to write and create stuff for you which you can sell. EASE AND SPEED IS HERE NOW!

Now with Internet you can emulate the presence of a giant corporation by creating a website. Buy an advertisement for your type of product and it will be in front of the audience instantly and responses come in instantly.

The cost barrier to entry is very low.

WHY DON’T PEOPLE BUY – People like doing business with whom they know, like and trust. They don’t have money or don’t like you.


View your customers as friends, open door transparency.


WHAT IS MARKETING TODAY – Stuff you can do to get money.

Give the best you can, help people, be genuine. Provide value so they want more.

Give them stuff for free, small steps, little results in advance that work. They will come back for more, as now they need the whole solution. Now you are not a salesman but a mentor and a friend.

Create automatic streams of income by creating small courses.


Moving Free Line – Theory generated by Eban Pagan

Giving things drip by drip in slow dose.


Mass Control – Giving away cool stuff. Gaining the trust of clients, create raving fans out of them, then selling them repeatedly.


Usually the internet marketers “Yell” at their customers with their ads. Mass control uses the context of usage to create specific communication catered to their needs. Put yourself in clients shoes and send email like sending to a friend not a prospect.

Frank writes as if he is writing to his best friend.


All Advertisements and Blogs need to stand out – all business communication should be like that.

It all comes down to empathy. Go to the details of knowing your client. What does your client look like, what are their biggest fears, what they do for a living, how many children they have, where they want to be in life, what they really want. Write with end results in mind. Build the desire to buy. These tools amplify the need to buy. If you want to create money you need to create desire in clients mind.

Be authentic, create trust, results in advance – giving real value in advance. Logical progression is imperative.

Create Scarcity i.e. limited time offer


Stacking the cool method:

Keep adding the cool stuff till the prospect buys. Give a time frame.


Reverse the Risk – With this you can have viral marketing.


Frank believes there is no scarcity in life and money. E.g. If you want to get 400 gallons of water from the sea, it will not drain the sea. Similarly there is no scarcity of money. It is a transfer.


You need to believe in your own product or service if you want others to believe in you.


Tips for a new business person

  • Information marketing business is the key – Sell information
  • How to Stuff sells
  • Find out how many clients are looking for what – Google AdWords search
  • See what your passion is – see how many are searching for it
  • Buy an ad – you will only be paying for clicks.
  • Find a group of people who want to buy something – find what exactly they are looking for
  • If you need to get someone to write or to interview go to GURU.COM, post a job and get an expert to interview. See what your competitors are advertising and then turn them into questions. (Reverse engineering).
  • Use, have the interview taped and transcribed.
  • Now you have a taped interview and a transcription which you can sell.

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