Darren Hardy Interviews Harry Joiner

Darren Hardy Interviews Harry Joiner – Executive Recruiter

 Harry Joiner is an executive recruiter specializing in integrated marketing and “new media.” His clients and candidates appear frequently in magazines like Fast Company, Internet Retailer, Advertising Age, and Multichannel Merchant.

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)


Key process to recruit – Think of it like a date

  • Determine who your ideal match is
  • You have to be very specific in what you are looking for
  • Begin sourcing names – referrals, career sites, associations you belong to


Keep the process simple:

  • Why you need to hire now
  • Where are you getting stuck that you need to hire
  • What does success look like for the new hire One Year from now
  • After 100 day on job evaluate the decisions made by candidate. Determine what company would provide at time of completion


Crucial questions that peel the onion layer of the resume (trying to discern the real person)

  • Describe a major failing in your previous job and what you learned from that. How did you apply those learning to you and your company’s benefit. Give examples, ask them to be specific. (Judge eye-contact and body language)
  • Why are you leaving? (are they running from a bad situation or running to a good situation)
  • What is your compensation target
  • What are you looking for in this position … FUN, FUTURE, FINANCE – all candidates are driven by these. The younger generation is there more for fun.


How do you know you are hiring a right fit –

  • You are hiring for someone who can bring a new germ into your business.
  • Are they smart, do they have good abstract reasoning, capability and do they have a teachable point of view in their area.
  • Do you connect with the person


Take time to check their references in detail, not only listed references but others that you can get your hands on


Creative recruiting ideas

Sourcing – Candidate Identification – Talking to client and seeing what they want

Market Creatively – Using twitter, LinkedIn and social media


How to Utilize Social Media in recruiting

Website – Put a career page on company website

Put up a Generic Site – put up your interviews with clients, content, gives a higher google ranking. Trust and credibility is created this way and people would want to apply here.


Make yourself, Your Company more attractive to potential candidates.

Do what is authentic, be realistic


One attribute of Self Starter – for entrepreneurs whose business is evolving

Self Starters –

  • Return on equity – based on growth
  • Efficiency and
  • Capital optimization.

Every hire should be able to do all of the above.

Customers should be seen as opportunity

Efficiency – How have they done with less


Capital Optimization

Can you lease instead of buying

Can you outsource for less

What way can you conserve your capital


Ask of actions and what potential candidates have done in detail


More effective recruiter

BLOG – Start a blog about whatever you do e.g. whatever.com

Harry started Marketingheadhunters.com and that helped a lot establish him.


It is all about awareness > Interest > Desire > Action

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