Darren Hardy Interviews Tony Jeary


Darren Hardy Interviews Tony Jeary – The Results Guy.

Tony is the coach to the world’s top CEO’s and author of many books and programs.


Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)


Clarity – Do you have clarity? Knowing where you are going is important. Determine your vision for yourself and your company.

Pulling Effect – To draw from – when you get up in morning do you want to go and make it happen? Spending extra time on decision making. Personal motivating factor – if they have real clarity.


FOCUS – Sign of lack of focus – Poor results, procrastination, wasted effort with time.

Three ways to develop more focus

  1. Getting really clear on your results for your vision
  2. Avoid Distractions – Dealing with new technology, phones, internet so that they don’t overtake you
  3. HLA’s (High leverage activities) – What are the three, four or five things you need to be doing day in, day out to get the optimum results.



Goals that you want to accomplish should have congruency with the values you have. Some people have goals against their values so it can cause friction and hence problem in achieving the goals.


PROCRASTINATION – Focus on starting than on finishing. People procrastinate for wrong reasons. Should start and get going, get the momentum and inertia moving forward and then perfect it as you go.

When you need to gather data, get some information then procrastination may be acceptable as you are waiting to get the information. i.e. positive procrastination. When you put off things and wait for tomorrow that is negative procrastination.


CONFIDENCE – Confidence relates to our pro-activeness leading to results. Step back and write down what you have accomplished. That builds confidence. Write down beyond what you have. Write down what you have experienced, shared and become.


MEETINGS – Common Mistakes

No good agenda, no objectives, need to rally all the troops

How to make meetings more productive:

  1. Good clear objectives – Start with action words like convey, observe, to study, to discuss etc.
  2. Good Agendas – Objectives trump the agenda. Agenda is to reach the objectives.
  3. Good Clear Actions – Make notes, assigned responsibility.


INFLUENCE – How can you improve upon how you are perceived.

Visually – Are you really groomed and look sharp.

Follow Through – Taking action to follow through what you have promised

Brand – You create your brand. Images in people’s minds make brand and people follow you. People create images of influences, personally and professionally.


To find out how you need to improve………

“Go to people better than yourself and find out the best practices they use”


PERSUASION – We are persuading people all day long. What to do to persuade-

  1. To Really care – If you care and bring value to people you can persuade them.
  2. What is going on in their world – Find out what they need and what is going on in their lives.
  3. Giving Value – Do more than expected. Look at ways to constantly give value.



3D Outline Model

  1. What you are presenting. What are you going to say.
  2. Why are you saying.
  3. How you are going to deliver it – with visual, handouts, interactions, story, case study etc.



To get over the fear take the Unknown to Known as much as possible

See the room before where you need to present, who is going to present you and how. See how microphone works if you are using one and know all about it.

If you want to know how the audience is going to react to your topic, get a few people and ask. Take the Unknown to the Known.

Google people you are going to talk to.


Darren Hardy’s ideas on getting over the fear

  1. Imagine your audience naked – shifts your focus. Seeing this way disarms your audience for you
  2. Release your Ego – It is about them, not you
  3. Noting beats being well prepared – Focus on first 3 minutes and nail it and then the presentation will flow.



People don’t’ want to be talked at, they want to be talked with. Large group of people can raise hands to answer questions. For a smaller group get people involved and connected to you.

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