The Richest Man in Babylon-Book Study-Part IV


The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason – Part IV


Where the determination is, the way can be found!

The hungrier one becomes, the clearer one’s mind works – also the more sensitive one becomes to the odor of food.

Ill fortune pursues every man who thinks more of borrowing than of repaying.

“If a man has in himself the soul of a slave will he not become one not matter what his birth, even as water seeks its level? If a man has within him the soul of a free man, will he not become respected and honored in his own in spite of his misfortune?


Most people look at the world from a different colored lens or glass, when that is removed the true value of life appears.

“The soul of a free man looks at life as a series of problems to be solved and solves them, while the soul of a slave whines, ‘What can I do who am I but a slave?’



There clay tablets were extracted from the ruins of Babylon. These have engraved upon them some of the best time tested laws relating to gold … in our times these same laws govern the money.


One tenth of all I earn shall be set aside as my own to keep. That man who keeps in his purse both gold and silver that he need not spend is good to his family and loyal to his king.

Seventh-tenths of all I earn shall be used to provide a home, clothes to wear, & food to eat, with a bit extra to spend, that our lives be not lacking in pleasure and enjoyment.

We must live upon this portion and never use more money nor buy what you may not pay for out of this portion.


This tablet tells about how to eliminate your debts if you are under one.

The plan shall provide that out of your earnings the debts will be paid. Two-tenths of all you have earned shall be divided honorably and fairly among those who have trusted you to whom you are indebted. Thus in due time will all your indebtedness be surely paid.


Visit all your creditors and explain to them that you have no more resources except your ability to earn and that you intend to apply two-tenths of all you earn upon the indebtedness evenly and honestly.

It is easier to pay one’s just debts than to avoid them.


One-tenth set aside to keep as your own. Seven-tenth to divide and pay for the living. Two-tenth divided among creditors as evenly as can be done.

Great is the plan for it leads us out of debt and gives wealth which is ours to keep.


This tablet depicts the tale, after all the debt has been paid off

Now I have paid my last debts. Now many others speak differently to me. My wife looks upon me with a light in her eyes that makes a man have confidence in himself.



Work could be offered in plenty to willing workers, not for men who consider themselves too good for work.

You can’t get ahead by Shirking”. I like to work and I like to do good work, for work is the best friend. It brings good things like farms, cows, crops, everything.

Work is valuable, some men hate it. They make it their enemy. It is better to treat it like a friend, make yourself like it. Don’t mind because it is hard.

If your master does not appreciate all you do, never mind. Remember work, well-done, does good to the man who does it. It makes him a better man.

Cling no longer to your master. Get the feeling of being a free man. Act like a free man and succeed like one.

Work attracts many friends who admire his industry and success it brought. Work brought him honors he enjoyed.



Babylon is an outstanding example of man’s ability to achieve great objectives using whatever means are at its disposal. All of the resources supporting this large city were man-developed. All of its riches were man-made.

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