Darren Hardy Interviews Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is the author of Life’s Golden Ticket and The Charge. He is the creator of High Performance Academy and Experts Academy. He is an author, speaker, blogger and a coach.

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)


In his early life Brendon had a realization after an accident– Did he matter? That changed the course of his life.

Time is a great equalizer – If you can’t master time you cannot build your talent, skills, knowledge and your connections.

How intelligently you use your time dictates every outcome of your life.

In classical terms people think of productivity and time management as a checklists. Time management is about psychological management. Managing your thoughts and emotions in a way that you are directed. It is about physical management – generating energy so you can do want you need to do and social management – managing social environment. Time management is more than getting a day planner, it is about life management. Look at your life in a holistic way, all high performers do that.

Focus – Don’t manage your time by “INBOX”. Inbox management is managing other people’s agenda not your own. Most people start their day by looking at their inbox and then getting sucked into answering other people’s agenda.


Be very clear and strategic about managing your first hour.


Brendon uses “One Page Productivity Sheet”. It is divided into three sections


A sample of the Form is attached here. This is very powerful way to manage your time.

1 page productivity planner

Brendon lists top 3 Projects that he needs to work on that day and then lists 5 big things that must be done to move the project forward.

Second section is people.

Left side – People that are needed to be reached and Right Side – People who you need something from to move forward.

Bottom – Priorities – Around 10 Priorities that need to be completed today, no matter what.



First Step – Start knocking out the priorities

Second Step – People Row

Open your Inbox and see if the People you are waiting on have sent you a response, if not send them an email asking for the response. The reach out to people you need to get to.

Third Step – Now go to projects and start working on that.


Ultimate Time Management – Let go of distractions, become efficient at it.


Time wasters/suckers

  1. Email and web are the biggest time suckers. E.g. You tube, Facebook and twitter. Use these for your goals or research not just to browse.
  2. Family and Friends – need to manage them and have good quality time. Brendon spends Sundays connecting with family. This helps to be more effective during the week.


Set intelligent expectations otherwise you will be handling other people’s fires.


If someone comes with an emergency, they need the thing or work done right away ask them what the real deadline is.

This is what Brendon states in his emails:

Thanks for the e-mail, it is just coming to me. I know you may have had it for a while and now it has an emergency in your world. I have other things I am managing in my world as well, please respond back with what the real deadline is and what is the last critical moment that you can received this from me to move forward.


There is a difference between someone’s fire drill and what a real deadline is.

You need to teach others what to expect from you.


Fire Prevention at Work – People are used to response agenda. They are not pro-active. If you are strategic and pro-active at your job and ask the boss/co-worker what they may need during the week or month, you can prevent fire drills.



  1. Alarm Clock – Set next to computer and every 45 minutes when the buzzer goes off, get up and move away from the computer. This is the simple and fast way to recharge.
  2. One page productivity sheet – (Shown Above)
  3. Escape Route – Every 90 days Brendon disappears for 3 to 4 days. Gets away from daily life for a refresher. Goes to a new environment.



  1. What level am I at right now on a scale of 1 to 10 on vibrancy and presence – Make this a habit
  2. Everyone has tasks – Bring life to the tasks, be alive and about in the moment.



  1. Get the Alarm Clock – Set alarm for 45 minutes – take break
  2. Schedule a meeting with your direct reports
    1. Ask what is needed from me in this week
    2. What is needed from others
  3. Life is purposeful. Time is fading away – do something good today.

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