Exploring limits of human potential

Darren Hardy Interviews Ben Saunders


Ben Saunders is a pioneering polar explorer and a record-breaking long-distance skier, covering more than 6,000km (3,730 miles) on foot in the Polar Regions since 2001. Visit his website at www.bensaunders.com

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)


Ben Loves exploring limits of human potential.

Skied 650 miles from Russia to North Pole in 72 days. Traveled through harshest weather at around 35 F. Physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. Most of the trips had highs and lows.


As per Ben –“Definitely a thrill is living life on the Edge


What helped you push forward?

Quitting was not an Option – Was fully committed

Taming the voices in your head – self talks

Get caught up in preparation and training so you don’t have time to have to dwell over problems and by that time you are committed.

 “True Inspiration and Growth only comes from Adversity and Challenge from What is comfortable and stepping out into the Unknown”


You see the best in people and your life is when you are facing a challenge.


You can’t learn to swim by reading a book. You will have to actually face the water (fear) head on.


In life you tend to get what you focus your energy on. Fear and worry is focusing energy on something you don’t want.

See what success looks like in your mind.

Self-belief is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets. Self Belief, Self-esteem is most important for success.


How can we live a full inspiring life?

Figure out what you are passionate about, ignore Nay-Sayers. Most people closest to you may be the Nay-Sayers, don’t heed to their words. Go with your Passion.

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