21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership – Law 7, 8 and 9

John Maxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Laws 7, 8 & 9 (As read, watched and understood by me)

Law#7 Law of Respect

Learning the Law of Respect

People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves


Living the Law of Respect

Six Qualities that help leader gain respect

Natural Leadership ability – Pitfall: Relying on talent alone

Respect for others – True leadership is voluntary

  • as a person admire you
  • as a friend love you
  • as a leader follow you


  • Willing to stand alone
  • Do what is right
  • Risk failure, danger & criticism


  • Success is an attractor
  • people are drawn to accomplishments
  • Advice is cheap, results are priceless


  • Most of us want Instant Gratification
  • Requires steadfastness

Value added to others – Perhaps the greatest source of respect


Leading others to the Law of Respect

Measure your level of respect

  • Look at the people you attract. Who chooses to follow you
  • How do people respond when you ask for commitment or change?

With respect comes a lot of responsibility


Law #8 The Law of Intuition

Learning the Law

Leaders evaluate everything with leadership bias

Not everyone is intuitive in the area of leadership, but everyone possesses intuition

Everyone is intuitive in their area of strength

Living the Law

The law of intuition depends on much more than the facts – It is FACT plus INSTINCT plus CONDITIONS

Who you are determines what you see – If you “wanna see more… BE more!”

Three levels of Leadership Intuition

  • Those who naturally understand leadership
  • Those who can be nurtured to understand leadership
  • Those who will never understand leadership

Develop intuition by developing your thinking

  • Research the project
  • Render the plan
  • Rehearse the play

Leading Others to the Law

  • I know in my gut I need to….
  • I get a hunch but how do I know…?
  • Intuition is being in the right place at the right time with right awareness

Law #9 The Law of Magnetism

Learning the Law

Who you are is who you attract – Like attracts Like

  1. Generation – Most organizations, groups, companies & even departments attract individuals of similar age
  2. Background – The personal circumstances & experiences that help to shape someone’s life – e.g. ethnic & social origins, upbringing, education & work experience
  3. Attitude – The way a person views something or tends to behave towards it


Living the Law

Make a list of qualities that you are looking for in people you bring around yourself – Determine if you possess those qualities

Review your personal

Mission Statement

  • What am I about?
  • Who am I?

Vision Statement

  • What will I do next? – In 1 Year, 5 Years etc.

Core Values

  • What do I believe?

Social Contract

  • How I will act & who will I be accountable to?


Leading Others to the Law

  • When you hear any statement concerning a leader’s staff, especially in a negative connotation, it is also a great opportunity to edify a client who has a great staff
  • When you hear a leader talk about the staff they wish they had


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