The One Minute Manager – Book Review III

The One Minute Manager – Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson – Book Review – Part III


Most managers know what they want their people to do, they just don’t bother to tell people in a way they understand. They assume they should know.


As a manager you have three choices:

  1. You can hire winners
  2. If NOT, you can hire someone with a potential to be a winner ……… otherwise
  3. Prayer – “I hope this person works out”


Key to training someone to do a new task is, in the beginning, to catch them doing something approximately right until they can eventually learn to do it exactly right.

The problem with current hiring system is that we hire inexperienced people, we welcome them aboard, have them meet everyone and then leave them alone.

In the beginning always try to create situations where you can give One Minute Praising.

Performance review is an ongoing process, not something you do only once a year.

Before giving a reprimand you have to see the behavior yourself, do not depend on what someone else saw. You never reprimand based on hearsay.

Always remember behavior and person are not the same thing. You have to care enough to be tough. Tough on poor performance – only the performance, never on the person.

Goals Begin Behaviors – Consequences maintain Behaviors.

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