Effective Recruiting – The power of Who

Darren Hardy Interview with Bob Beaudine – Author of “The Power of Who”

This was a great Interview. Bob’s ideas make a paradigm shift in terms of recruiting and dealing with friends and business people. Amazing ideas to ponder upon and implement in one’s life. The “WHO” is the most important factor and how to cultivate it and nourish it is imperative.

Learning Lessons from the Interview: (as interpreted & understood by me)


Successful networking – Most of the jobs are filled by a reference from a friend


Thinking by CEO or Hiring Executive when you walk into room to interview

  1. Do I know you
  2. Do I like you – People hire people, not resumes
  3. Do you understand my needs

References, Testimonials and endorsements are your best allies.


When going for a job find one person in the company who know the person who is in charge of hiring.


PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATION is the key to success. Get to know your WHO!

WHO – Who is buying your services or hiring you. What do you know about them?

Find out about them, things you can share or get involved with them.



Identify your 12-3-1 in your inner circle.

In your circle find friends, friends of friends. Even if you had a moment with anyone in your life where they effected you or you effected them, they could be a resource.

You know a person who knows another person who can introduce you to the opportunity. Differentiating factor is One Person!

You should be in a company/organization where you are celebrated not tolerated.

How to Identity the People

  • Go through your database and see what people have touched you
  • Go back through your memory and identify – business personnel, friends, others – could be friends or business acquaintances.


When hiring – do not get engaged in the Job Description only. See what the person is bringing to the table.

Use this criteria to sell your company to potential candidates

  1. People 2. Challenge 3. Opportunity 4. Growth 5. Money


People – Organization culture, how are the co-workers. Will the person be celebrated here?

Challenge – What tools would you give the candidate? System for a personal and professional growth. Bringing Speakers, handing out books (There should be a system for growth).

Opportunity – How does it affect my family, the move, kids, friends, where do I live etc.? All these questions in employees mind must be answered by the opportunity that is available.

Growth – This is about Legacy. As per employee – what I can create that can create legacy for myself and the company. Their ability to make a difference.

Money – Compensation should be packaged in a new structure, not just money.


CREATE A WHO GROUP – Can be done via Outlook, Create a 12-3-1. Rest in the other group. Talk to your 12-3-1 every week. It takes 5 tries before you get the business.


Create “WHO” parties – Get all the “Who’s” together, become friends. Find out about their personal lives, birthdays, wife’s, children’s names etc. Do not treat them as transactions.

Do something Special for them or their family.


Friendships – Be a moment maker for your friends. About from breakfast, lunches and dinners do something special for these people. Think “How can I contribute to them”.


Three things

  1. Make friends
  2. Help friends
  3. A lot of business can be done with the friends

Three reasons people don’t get what they want

  1. People don’t ask
  2. They ask the wrong “Who”
  3. We are Vague

Get over the embarrassment of asking and get over your pride.

Ask your friends not acquaintances. Note the difference between friends and acquaintances.


Go from “Transactional” to “Transitional” experiences with our Who’s.


You need to find your friends who you have lost. Become a moment maker for your friends.


To start a wave, start with the person next to you.


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